Globally onwards

David A. Bray   PhD, MSPH

LEADER serving BEST in ambiguous, uncertain situations requiring reasoned, intelligent, transformative results; led (1) teams of 400+ professionals; (2) $400M+ budget formulations; (3) White House and international governance activities on cyber-related challenges and opportunities. Pioneered first-ever bipartisan Congressional Commission reviewing R&D efforts of the entire U.S. Intelligence Community and its unclassified multibillion dollar budget. TRANFORMATIVE EXECUTIVE and champion of "change agents" across sectors.

Why do I work and play? To discover common humanity, to dedicate time, efforts, and energies willingly to help improve our world, and to embrace with passion our shared global connections. These same shared global connections and codebase may require some collective debugging for our world to address 21st century challenges. This is why leadership, particularly leadership that spans public and private institutions, is so important.